Silver Flat Ring Triple Chain Bracelet

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Combining her vintage style with contemporary details, designer Briana Erin has carefully curated the Allure Collection. These charms and clustered charm necklaces are fun, playful, and will level up your favorite outfit. Not to mention, they layer beautifully with our classics!

Each coin holds a unique history, which can be seen on Tat2 Designs' Coin History page. The coins in her designs are reproductions of the originals.

  • Sterling silver plated chain
  • 24K gold plated, hand-sculpted twisted rings
  • Cubic zirconia on bezels, bails and pendants
  • 7.25" length
  • Magnetic bar closure
  • Adjustable/removable charms
  • Coins are reproductions of the originals

Material: Tat2's Signature Satin Gold and Vintage Sterling Silver finishes are over white metal alloy or brass.

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